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December 2019

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Lizzy Jeff



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Safe and fun cannabis culture exploration with two experts in travel and cannabis. Always feel safe while exploring the cannabis culture of different cities throughout the world by traveling with Zol Travel Group. Your hosts will pre-screen each activity along the way, giving you a genuine feel of the cannabis culture during special daily activities.

Zol Travel Group is a social-media-focused, group travel company, giving its participants and followers the opportunity to participate in the decision-making on activities and more for each trip  by voting on Instagram and Facebook stories before the trip. See and capture some of the most Instagram-able places in every city.  

We are experts in Travel and Cannabis. Our founders have been traveling since they were children, even maneuvering solo flight changes before finishing high school.  The two planned and successfully executed a 90-day trip in 2018, geared toward exploring the cannabis culture of southwest and western United States. They have attended multiple private tours, cannabis cups and conferences, giving them tons of connects in the marijuana industry.

Benefit from exploring the world with group travel. There are so many reasons people choose group travel. Some won’t go alone and this is the best way to go with others. Planning a whole trip is H-A-R-D.  Where to stay? How to book the flight? Rental car or public transpo? Plus, you have to get around a city you haven’t visited before. Having someone else do the worrying for you is always a positive. Others really enjoy meeting new friends with similar interests. The most unique reason to travel with Zol Travel Group is that you will get all of this in a 420-friendly atmosphere. 

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