About Us

“Can we travel with you?” That was probably the number one social media question Damien and Maggie were asked last year.

With a 90 day road trip in the vanabus that ended on the beach in San Diego, a 4 month visit to NYC and the Pocono Mountains and a quick Miami trip, it isn't a surprise people wanted to come along. 

Renting out two vacation rentals is some work, especially because the listings are in one of the top cannabis-centric vacation spots in the U.S. Lots of the time, both condos were rented months in advance, giving the two the opportunity to do A LOT of traveling.

100% of their travel has been cannabis-centric for over five years. Planning travel and itineraries have been an intricate part of their personal lives and they are excited to share all of their knowledge with you.

Damien’s background as a financial research analyst means his investigative skills are out of this world. His ability to hunt out the top trendy places in each city the two visit is almost a superpower of his.

He is a super savvy traveler too, with the ability to troubleshoot issues before they even occur, so expect the travel to and from all of the day’s events to be smooth.

Maggie is known as, “a major authority when it comes to cannabis travel.” She has great communication skills, often getting her into local culture and behind the scenes tours. 

A photographer and social media marketer, you will have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with her for a morning post and for photography tips. 

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